Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the code architecture so complex ?

The architecture and layout of oocgcm reflects the constraint that are inherent to build a tool that can be easily adapted to different sources of data.

We have decided to separate as much as possible the generic tools from the data-specific tools. Data-specific tools are generally created from generic method and try to avoid unnecessary duplication. But some method are inherently data-specific.

For instance, the ‘time’ dimension of NEMO ocean model output is called ‘time_counter’, but oocgcm assumes that the ‘time’ dimension is ‘t’. It is therefore necessary to change the name of this dimension when reading NEMO model output. This is done in methods.

We have chosen to gather all the methods that are specific to a certain source of data within a unique folder for facilitating the maintenance by third-parties.

In practice, switching from one model to the other should be as simple as changing

from oocgcm.oceanmodels.nemo import io, grids


from oocgcm.oceanmodels.mitgcm import io, grids