Generic versus data-specific toolsΒΆ

oocgcm is designed so that most methods can be used with several different types of gridded data.

There are two classes of methods in oocgcm. Methods that are specific to a particular model or source of data and methods that are data-agnostic or generic.

For generic tools, we try to use naming conventions for internal variables based on CF conventions or COMODO conventions.

Data-specific methods are generally created as particular instances of generic methods. This is in particular the case for grid descriptor objects.

The distinction between data-agnostic and data-specific methods is reflected in the general structure of the code.

All the methods related to a particular sources of data are put together in a specific folder (eg. oocgcm.oceanmodels.nemo) so that it is easier for third party to maintain data-specific tools associated to their particular source of data / model.